Process and pricing

Ready to start your journey to a tidier, happier, calmer life? 

It all starts with a chat...

Step 1: Consultation

We start off with a simple 30-minute phone call for you to let me know which areas you would like my help with, and for us to decide on the best way to work together. It also gives us the chance to get to know each other a little and to see if you feel that we can work well together. Decluttering your home can be a very emotional and personal process, and so it is important that you feel comfortable.   

Before our chat it’s a good idea to take a look through my FAQs to clear up any questions you might have.

Cost: Free 

Step 2: Booking

Then we confirm a time and date to suit for us to start work. For a first session I would suggest a half-day package; this gives us time to really start to make a difference, but not so long that you feel overwhelmed at the outset. 

Step 3: Follow up

Both above packages include one-month’s after-care support via email. This can include advice on how and where to dispose of items to be cleared, support for maintaining motivation to continue decluttering, or advice on practical storage solutions to suit your needs. 

Cost: Included in package prices

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Most clients prefer to book in blocks of time, but I am happy to be flexible with the time that you'd like to spend working on a space. 

I can't however provide an estimate on the amount of time required for individual spaces or projects. Please take a look at my FAQs for more details on this. 

Half day
(3 hours)


Full day
(6 hours)


Additional hours

£45 per hour

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Virtual services

If you just need an hour or two of my time to help you figure out a plan of action, or to provide some guidance as you go along, then some virtual THC could be what you need.

This can be done via phone or video call, depending on what support you need. You might just want a single call to get you started, or you might prefer to book a slot each week or month to help you keep on track. 

Cost: £35 per hour 

Availability and locations covered

I currently offer virtual slots during weekday afternoons and early evenings. 

In-person work is currently available Friday-Sunday.

If you have a specific time slot you’d like to work to then please get in touch to discuss. 

I am based in Hertfordshire, and carry out in-person work within 15 miles of EN8 at no additional cost, and can travel further afield for an additional 45p per mile. Alternatively my virtual support service covers the entire UK.

Want to discuss your needs?