How does virtual, or online, declutter coaching actually work?

For most of my in-person clients, I come to their house, they show me around the spaces that they are struggling with clutter in, and we set to work clearing and organising their space together

But what if you live further away and still want and need my help? Let me talk you through how virtual decluttering works… 

As your virtual decluttering coach, you get to use my time in whatever way is most impactful for you. 

  • If you’re struggling with overwhelm and have no idea where to start, I can give you a way in. 
  • If you find maintaining focus and motivation a challenge, I can support you to keep going. 
  • Or if you find making decisions about what stays and what goes, I can coach you through that. 

Here are a few ways I support my virtual clients:

Creating an action plan

When you’re faced with the ‘room of doom’ to try and sort out, or endless piles of stuff over every surface it can feel impossible to even make a start – the overwhelm can be utterly paralysing. Starting with a Zoom call, you can show me the space you want to declutter, the kind of stuff that is currently there, then we’ll talk about how you want to use that space, and finally we’ll come up with a plan of action. I’ll break it in manageable tasks so you can independently make a start, and feel really positive about moving forward. 

Decsion-making coaching

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the volume of clutter, it can be hard work for your brain to then make decisions about what to declutter. So, with me just the other side of a computer screen as you work through your space, I can remind you of the questions to ask yourself as you’re sorting through your things. You can talk through your thought processes, I can coach you through any sticking points and celebrate all your successes as you build your decision-making confidence.   

Accountability and body-doubling

Sometimes you know what you need to do, and once you start decluttering you can power through it, but it’s making a start and/or maintaining focus that can be the real challenge. So we can either have regular check ins on progress to keep you accountable to your goals, or by booking a slot in with me, having that firm commitment can be just what you need to make a start. And having me the other side of a screen can help you stay on task, and ask any questions as you work through your space. 


If virtual declutter coaching sounds like it could be the answer for you, then drop me a line...

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