What is sustainable decluttering?

Letting go of unwanted items can be really hard for so many reasons, but I know for many of my clients and social media followers that often what stops them decluttering is the thought that their clutter will end up in landfill, and causing problems for the environment.    

The trouble is, keeping hold of everything is no good for your own personal environment - your home! 

So how can you clear your space and keep a clear conscience? With my sustainable decluttering approach...

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Isn't it just about recycling?

Sustainable decluttering is not just about rehoming or recycling your unwanted things. It’s so much bigger, so much more impactful, and so much more compassionate than just recycling. 

Yes, you want to try and minimise the impact now of letting items go that you no longer need by responsibly rehoming, reusing or recycling them - and I will help you to do this by finding the best and most accessible options for you to do this. 

But it is also about evolving your mindset, so that future you can escape the clutter-cycle of 'old out, new in' by developing more mindful buying habits. This is a key part of how we work together.  

Together we can also explore the far bigger picture of the positive changes you can make with less clutter around you and more organisation in your life. There will always be some things you want to let go of that can’t be rehomed or recycled, and that’s ok. I’ll teach you to be compassionate to yourself and focus on these other positive changes you can make. 

Do I need to be an eco-warrior?!

No! You definitely don’t need to be a die-hard eco-campaigner to care about what happens to your stuff when you decide you’re ready to get rid of it.

You might just hate the idea of getting rid of perfectly useful items that are still in good condition and feel like that’s just wasteful. That’s the benefit of sustainable decluttering! 

Even if the environmental impact isn’t your main driver (or even a consideration), by working together we can make the most of your items so that you feel positive about letting them go. 

Sounds great! How can I get started?

Start off by downloading my free 'top tips for sustainable decluttering' guide to help get you started.

Then come and join my free sustainable decluttering community for group support, accountability and advice from like-minded folks who are ready to declutter.  

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