Set yourself a SMART resolution

Setting yourself a resolution to 'declutter the house' is a huge undertaking, and frankly too vague and too overwhelming for you to even get started with. Get SMART instead and break down your goal. 

Here’s how… 


Choose a really specific zone or category in your home to focus on. It might be the mug cupboard in the kitchen, the top drawer in your bedside cabinet, or your CD collection. Start by choosing just one area that has clearly defined boundaries, and always start small - setting yourself the specific goal of decluttering your jam-packed loft when you haven’t tackled that junk drawer in the kitchen is likely to be a bit ambitious! 


Think about how much stuff you want to get rid of within your chosen area. Do you want to half your shoe collection? Or clear three of your bookshelves? Get really clear on what success literally looks like for you so you know when you have hit it. And by setting a minimum quantity you can feel even more pleased with yourself when you over-achieve and clear five bookshelves!


Make sure you start with a space or category that you have complete control over (or as much as possible). For example, look at your own wardrobe rather your kids’ toy cupboard, or your partner’s home office. You need to be able to make those important decisions about what to keep and what to move on without having to constantly check-in with someone else.


Despite what the telly shows tell you, you are not going to declutter your whole house in a weekend. Set aside a realistic block of time – which could be 15 mins or could be 3 hours – on a day or time that you are unlikely to get interrupted, and you know your energy levels will be high. And be realistic about how much time you will need for the specific area or category you have chosen. The mug cupboard might be doable in 15 mins, but your wardrobe is likely to need longer. 


Consider what your overall decluttering goal is (e.g. “clear the spare room this year”) then break that goal down and give yourself some really specific deadlines like “clear the top drawer in my desk by 1st February”. Then book an appointment in your diary for when you will start this task and stick to it! Setting mini milestones along the way will help keep you motivated as you tick them off your list.


Get in touch if you need a hand setting SMART goals – I work with clients on productivity and accountability as well as decluttering and organising!

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