Gifts for a clutter-free Christmas

Apparently, we each receive two unwanted gifts every year, and if you subscribe to the “but I can’t get rid of it, it was a gift!” way of thinking, that is a lot of clutter! So how can you show people you care and are thinking of them without bringing clutter to their homes, and encourage them to do likewise for you? 

Use the glass jar

You know that collection of pretty or ‘useful’ glass jars or containers that you’ve been keeping because you thought they were too nice to recycle? Time to put them to good use! If you’re a baker fill them with your favourite sweet treat, or if you’re a crafter use them to give a beautiful handmade item. 

You’ll be emptying out your cupboards of these things, giving the jars a new lease of life, and showing the recipient you care by taking time to make something for them. 

And if you’re not creative, there is nothing wrong with buying some other food stuff you know your recipient will like and decant it into the jar.

Make the wrapping part of the gift

If you’ve got a big collection of light scarves, fabric for crafting, or even a festive bed set that you don’t really love or use, why not take a look at furoshiki wrapping and declutter some of these while making the fabric part of the gift?

You don’t need to be a whizz at origami or an expert sewist, and it means you don’t have to spend extra on wrapping paper and ribbons to create a beautiful gift!

Share a story

Books can be tricky things to declutter for many – they can tell powerful stories, both inside and out, about the kind of person we are (or would like to be). 

Rather than leaving them gathering dust on the shelves, why not choose who you would like to share that story with, and maybe write a note at the front saying why you chose it for them. For me the best gifts are the ones that build a connection, and stories are a wonderful way to do that.

The gift of time

Speaking of connection, why not give something that money can’t buy – your time. All your need to do is give a simple card with a date for you and the recipient to go for a walk in the park, take a trip to the cinema, or maybe go for dinner or a coffee out together. 

Or, you could give them a ‘voucher’ for some time back in their week by picking up some chores for them, like a week of walking the dog, doing the dishes, making dinner, or picking up the shopping. Time is so precious for most people, why not give it as a gift?

Share your knowledge

We are all good at something, whether it’s writing, cooking, playing sport, or speaking a different language, so why not give your expertise to help someone learn what you know? Obviously, it helps if the recipient is someone who is keen to learn (!) but if you know a keen amateur crafter who has never got the hang of knitting and you’re a whizz with the needles maybe your expertise could be just what they need? 

A few years ago, before I set up my business, I gifted my parents some decluttering sessions for Christmas, because I knew my mum was feeling overwhelmed with everything. Little did I know it would be the seeds for Tidy Happy Calm, so you never know what might come out of what you decide to give! 

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