Never worked with a Professional Organiser before? Not sure what happens and how I might be able to help? Take a read...
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The concept of working with a Professional Organiser is a relatively new one to the UK, although it is quite a well-established profession in the US. However, not everyone is looking for joy to be sparked Marie Kondo style, or are wanting micro-organising storage solutions The Home Edit style!

Every client is different and has unique requirements. So, as your Professional Organiser, I will create a totally tailored service, working with you on whatever aspect of your home, office or life that you need bringing into order. 

I understand the anxiety or embarrassment that many people feel asking a Professional Organiser to come and help them. That’s why when we work together I always bring my friendly, relaxed and compassionate approach (and a listening ear) to help you solve your challenges, and I never bring any judgment or pressure. 

Feeling overwhelmed? No idea where to start? 
Here are a few suggestions:

High-traffic room

By decluttering and organising a specific ‘high-traffic’ room together (e.g. kitchen, bedroom, children’s playroom) I will make it easier for you to keep on top of the daily flow, and also give you the confidence to deal with more challenging projects.

Prime storage area

Decluttering and organising a key storage area (e.g. garage, loft, office, under-stairs cupboard) can free up valuable storage space, and I will create a system that allows you to easily find what you need when you need it.

Space transformation

Decluttering a room ready for reorganisation into a different usable space (spare room into a nursery, bedroom into an office etc.) can make the transition easier, and we will work together to create a plan of how the new space will work for you.

Wardrobe refresh

Reviewing and reorganising your wardrobe can give the clothes you already own a new lease of life, and allow you to let go of those pieces that just don’t work for you anymore.

Systemising paperwork 

Organising paperwork can feel like a mountain to climb, so I will provide direction and strategies for clearing the backlog, and then work with you to create a filing system that will work for your own routines and requirements in the future. 

Moving and changing

You might have a bigger challenge ahead – preparing for a house move, downsizing, needing to adapt following a life-change or a bereavement – and the idea of tackling it alone feels daunting. I will work alongside you at your own pace providing the support, direction and motivation you need to achieve your goals.

Feeling inspired?