Why choose Tidy Happy Calm

The Tidy Happy Calm approach isn’t just about getting rid of some stuff and making the rest of the stuff look nice. 

I understand that decluttering can be an overwhelming and often stressful process. We have so many emotions and connections tied up in even the smallest things (that scarf you were given as a gift, those tools that cost a lot of money) and so letting go of them can be really hard.

That’s why the THC approach has compassion at its core; to help you feel confident in the decisions you will make and feel truly happy with the outcome. So much so that you will find it easier to keep on top of your possessions in the future, and retain that feeling of calm instead of overwhelm. 


Declutter to change habits

Effective decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of some items and making the remaining items look nice. Sure, I can come and fold your tops nicely and put your books in colour order, but what happens when I leave? How do you move forward? How do you deal with the inevitable influx of new items?

I will support you in changing your approach to ‘stuff’ - to help you learn about your relationship with your possessions, and to help you shift your mindset from ‘I need all the things’ to ‘what really matters to me?’.


Declutter to communicate 

My professional specialism has always been in communication – listening to people’s stories and what they want to say, and helping them to say it clearly and authentically. 

So - does your home tell the story you want it to? Does it showcase your personality? Does it speak to your visitors in a kind and welcoming voice? Does it feel like a safe and inviting place for you to be? Or do you feel like you’re engaged in a constant argument, trying to negotiate for space against your possessions?

Working with you, I can ensure that your home is an authentic reflection of who you are and how you want to live (and that it only has nice things to say about you!). 


Declutter to clear your mind

Disorganised and cluttered physical spaces often mirror an overwhelmed mind. It can be a vicious circle: cluttered space can leave you feeling disorganised, and a hectic and disorganised life can lead to a cluttered home. 

I will help you to regain control over your physical space so that you have the headspace to focus on the things that really matter to you, and bring a sense to calm to your day.

Ready to get started?